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Can Eye Damage From Diabetes Be Reversed?

Diabetes is a chronic disease that interrupts your body’s ability to turn food into energy. Diabetes occurs when your body cannot produce enough insulin or does not sufficiently use the one it has. Diabetes retinopathy is a vision problem that develops because of diabetes.

What Are the Treatment Options for Diabetic Retinopathy?

Diabetic retinopathy is a complication stemming from diabetes. It causes damage to blood vessels in the retina. At first, you may only have mild vision problems. But with time, the vision worsens and may lead to blindness. The longer you have diabetes, the more you need to take care of your blood sugar levels. Otherwise, you are likely to develop this eye complication.

Will Myopia Get Worse Without Glasses?

Eyeglasses are beneficial in many ways. They can help you see better, protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) light, and help control myopia (nearsightedness). If you have myopia, you will strain your eyes to see things that are far away. That is because your eyes can only see objects that are near you.

Changes in Vision Mean You Should Schedule Regular Eye Exams

Your eyes are a vital part of your body. They allow you to interact with and see the world around you. Taking care of your eyes is ideal for protection against potential dangers. Regular eye exams help when you begin having vision changes. Seeing your doctor immediately after experiencing fluctuations can help you mitigate further eye problems.

How Diet Affects Vision

Poor vision can result from different factors, ranging from genetics and lifestyle habits to environmental conditions. If you suffer from poor vision, find out the root cause of the problem. Research shows that diet can impact an individual’s eye health. Some nutrients and vitamins can help reduce the risk of eye conditions. Eating a diet including foods that help enhance eye health is vital. It is helpful to understand how diet affects vision.

Dry Eye in the Winter: Causes and Treatment

Winter is about windy and cold weather. Like the other parts of your body or skin, your eyes can dry up during this season. Your eyes may get drier during this period more than any other. A dry eye is a medical condition where your eyes do not produce adequate tears. As a result, your eyes do not get enough lubrication. A decrease in temperature can result in dry eyes.

How Early Can My Child Start Myopia Management?

More children around the world continue to develop myopia at an earlier age. Many factors are contributing to this increase. Kids who have parents with high myopia have a high chance of developing the condition. 

What Happens During a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

Comprehensive eye exams are an essential part of vision and eye care, in addition to overall health. Many vision and eye problems have no obvious symptoms and signs. This can make it difficult to know that a problem exists. This can lead to complications or even loss of vision. However, early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent these problems. 

5 Essential Eye Safety Tips for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and with it, the chance to dress up and embrace your spooky side. Depending on the costume you choose, you may find yourself wearing eyewear or using cosmetics to enhance your fearsome look. However, whether you are dressing as a wicked werewolf, fearsome fairy, or spooky soldier, there is a chance that your chosen costume could prove harmful to your eyes. To help keep yours safe and your vision intact, here are our scarily good essential eye safety tips for Halloween.

Types of Eye Emergencies

Eye doctors treat many eye problems every day; however, few of them are true emergencies. Eye emergencies such as chemical injuries, mechanical globe injuries, and retinal detachment can cause permanent loss of vision if not treated promptly.

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